KINTO|Ceramic Lab large mug (CLK151-beige 410ml)


Sleek and durable everyday mugs CLK-151

Made of hard porcelain clay, the edges reminiscent of quarried stone lend this tableware series their distinct clean look. The mugs and plates can be stacked together for compact storage, and the handle of the mug is designed to fit your fingers comfortably. When held inside your hands, the softness and warmth of raw clay can be felt directly in all of the pieces. Calm tones of the glaze bring an unassuming presence to the dining scene.

Size: ø3.5" x H3.9" x W4.5" | ø90mm x H100mm x W115mm
Material: porcelain
Country of Origin: Japan
Microwave oven OK, dishwasher / dryer OK