Relax, go wherever
DAY OFF TUMBLER is designed for a relaxing yet active day off. Vacuum insulated, it retains the temperature and flavor of drinks for a long time. With a rounded handle that is comfortable to hold, it is perfect for carrying around on walks or day trips. The cap feels smooth on the mouth and is structurally designed to stop ice cubes and hot drinks from coming out vigorously so you can drink comfortably until the very last sip. The bright colors are inspired by a relaxed beach resort and can match well with your day off fashion.


Stress-free drinking comfort
Aiming at natural drinking comfort like glasses and mugs, by eliminating protrusions such as screws, the mouthfeel is good, designed to be able to drink from anywhere from 360 degrees. It catches ice and prevents drinks from vigorously coming out, so you can drink it comfortably until the end.


Excellent heat retention and cooling effect
Bottle body is double structure of stainless steel. By keeping the vacuum between the outer bottle and the inner bottle, heat dissipation by convection is prevented and high heat retention and cooling effect is demonstrated. In addition, it is designed so that dust and other substances do not enter easily even when the lid is removed, there is no need to open and close the lid every time it is drunk and it will not interfere with work.


Clean surface finish
It is made of high quality stainless steel and it will enjoy the natural scent of drinks. In addition, electrolytic polishing is applied to the inside of the bottle and the surface is smoothly finished, so it is difficult for stains such as smell and tea to be attached, and it can be used cleanly.


Tough material with excellent durability
For ease of use, we stick to ease of use as well as material and texture. Bottle body adopts 18-8 stainless steel which is hard to rust and durable, and powder type coating is applied to the surface of the color type so as not to scratch easily.

Size: φ 74 x H 226 mm / 500 ml

Stainless steel portable thermos bottle / capacity: 0.5 L / material: stainless steel (powder coating), polypropylene, silicone / made in China / heat retention effect: 69 ° C or more (6 hours) / cold holding effect: 7 ° C or less ) ※ Heat retaining effect refers to the temperature of the hot water measured after 6 hours by closing the lid when hot water enters the product at room temperature 20 ° C ± 2 ° C, when the hot water temperature reaches 95 ° C ± 1 ° C * Is cold water at room temperature 20 ° C ± 2 ° C and shows the temperature of the water measured after 6 hours after covering when the water temperature reaches 4 ° C ± 1 ° C ※ Before putting in a small amount Inserting hot water (cold water) and preheating (precooling) for about 1-2 minutes will increase the heat retention (cold preservation) effect ○ This product is a bottle for drinks ○ Can not be used in microwave oven, dish washer / dryer ○ Please do not put it by the fire ○ Please do not boil boiled ○ Infant hand reaches Do not put it on ○ Please do not drop it or give a strong shock as it may cause breakage or water leak ○ Please do not put dry ice or carbonated drink as container will expand and cause damage or injury ○ There is a possibility of overflowing when you close the drinking mouth parts Please be careful not to put the drinks too much ○ If the way to close the lid and drinking mouth parts is insufficient, there is a possibility that the liquid in the inside leaks ○ Please be sure to install the silicone packing properly and use it ○ If you put it in a bag etc. to prevent leakage by any chance please keep it in a vertical position ○ When opening the lid drink mouth parts loosen Do not rotate the lid firmly while fixing the drinking mouth part ○ Because of the double structure ○ Even if the part touched by hand is not hot, the inside drink Please be careful enough for burns as it may be hot ○ Please do not leave it in a place where it gets hot such as in a car ○ Because it will cause corruption of rust and drinks ○ Leave it in the state with contents inside long Do not do ○ To prevent rust of stainless steel Dirt and moisture should be dropped earlier, please dry thoroughly and store it avoiding contact with other metals ○ Because it will cause rust and breakage ○ In the water Do not leave ○ Do not use cleanser or scrub in washing Please do not use chlorine bleach as it will cause rust ○ When spots like rust adhere inside the container, lukewarm water And about 10% citric acid, rinse thoroughly with a soft sponge after 2-3 hours