KINTO|OCT Brewer - 2 Cups

Stylekoto-KINTO-PhilippinesThe source of design inspiration is the Southern Song Dynasty octagonal bottle. Sharp lines and shadows with beautiful coffee ware made from octagonal base. A line connecting the octagon to the circle from the bottom to the top and the subtle gradation as a common design element constitute a dripper, a cup, and a saucer. The cup line is given a sense of speed and the shape of the handle is designed to complement it without disturbing it. The shape of the dripper combines the unique charm that it is actually a circle shape while it looks like an ellipse when looking from directly above.

Size: W 115 x D 100 x H 90 mm
Material: porcelain
Country of Origin: Japan
Microwave oven OK, dishwasher / dryer OK

○ Please do not use quenching or scrubbing when washing in ○ Please do not put it on a wet place with a wet cloth while hot while it is hot as it may cause breakage ○ Please keep the original logo mark in the bottom of the product ○ A product with cracks, chips and scratches is damaged when it does not think, so do not use it as it may cause injury