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Pour the last drop into your mind as soon as possible, and spend the coffee time bliss
High quality and stress free POUR OVER KETTLE

To extract the delicious hand drip coffee as desired, we are sticking to sticking to everyone, and I am stolen from the beauty of the comfort and its appearance. As familiar with the space as a tool of living, with a design that minimized stress on use, stainless steel rich texture and compact form, its appearance can not be overstated, a simple and quiet presence I will release it. Brew coffee and taste. That time will be comfortable to satisfy the senses.

High quality stainless steel
Excellent resistance to rust and durability, moderate thickness considering texture, strength, ease of handling, elegant form without distortion. The surface is polished by careful craftsmanship, beautiful finish without irregularities.

Controllable pour spout
A thin long nozzle that extends gently. You can control the position, quantity and speed of hot water falling as you want. It is well-suited for dripping coffee slowly with thin streams.

Comfortable flap type lid
A structure that can open and close smoothly with one hand, and does not fall even if it is tilted when pouring. Since the lid can be easily recovered easily, the temperature of the hot water in the kettle does not suddenly drop, and it is possible to drip at the proper temperature. The knob part uses materials that are difficult to get hot, and you can have it with confidence.

Handle that fits your fingers
The inner side swells greatly in a semicircular shape against the flat outer side, which brings a comfortable grip feeling. Nylon material including glass fiber realizes high strength and texture. It is easier to change the position you have, ease the burden on the wrist and pour easily into the end.

Body with precise design
For a slightly curved form, even if you tilt the body, water droplets will not fall from the gap between the lid and the body, and you can pour smoothly until the last drop. There is no seam on the side face from the bottom side, and it is easy to wash it because dirt is not accumulated because the opening is wide. It is a design that sticks to details so that the joints with the nozzle and handle look beautiful.

Texture rich line-up
Mirror that stands out glossy shine of the material itself, mat with restless texture, matte black black. Both are hard to get scratched, pursue an exquisite balance between function and beauty, simple yet elegant appearance, in harmony with every space.

Size: φ 90 x H 135 x W 225 mm / 900 ml, bottom thickness 0.8 mm
Material: stainless steel (chromium 18%, nickel 8%, fluororesin paint), nylon
Country of Origin: China
Direct flame OK, dishwasher · dryer OK