KINTO|SLOW COFFEE STYLE coffee jug set 600ml


Size: φ 120 x H 200 x W 140 mm / 750 ml
Material: Heat resistant glass, 18-8 stainless steel, saturated polyester resin, methacryl styrene
Country of Origin: China
Microwave oven OK (glass only), dishwasher · dryer OK


○ Glass heat resistance temperature difference 120 ℃, methacryl styrene heat resistance temperature 90 ℃, other heat resistant temperature 100 ℃ ○ Can not be used in an open fire, oven ○ When using products containing resin with a dishwasher, Avoid storing such that force is applied ○ Glass can be used in microwave ○ Please be careful not to heat up too much in a microwave oven, do not become a sky firing ○ Please do not put it near fire ○ Quenching of glass Do not touch it with a wet cloth while it is hot or do not place it in a wet place ○ Do not use cleanser or scrub when washing ○ Original logo on the bottom of the product ○ Cracked, chipped, scratched products are damaged at unexpected times, so please do not use as there is a possibility of injury